Qian Yang profile photo
Qian Yang
Assistant professor in Information Science at Cornell
Faculty field member at  Computer Science
Co-director of the Cornell Digital and AI Literacy Initiative
Senior fellow at Cornell Brooks Tech Policy Institute 
Schmidt Futures's  Inaugural AI2050 Fellow
I am a human-AI interaction designer and researcher. I create novel AI applications and services that demonstrate new ways of bridging frontier AI technologies, user needs, and societal betterment goals. I create generalizable design methods and tools that facilitate such human-centered innovation.  
Recently, my research has focused on two types of AI: Text generation systems and mental wellness AI. By crafting LLM applications that enhance human cognition and emotional well-being, I seek to understand machine-generated texts as material for human-centered design. By designing mental health AI (and the data, people, institutions, and funding ecosystem around it), I explore how to simultaneously prototype tech, policy, and business models for social good. This work is supported by the NSF, the NIH, Schmidt Futures, Cornell Center for Teaching Innovation, and Weill Cornell Medicine, among others.
Beyond academic research, I work with Cornell's Teaching Innovation Center on designing novel reading/writing assignments suitable for the age of generative AI. I co-direct the Cornell Digital and AI Literacy Initiative to bring AI literacy to underserved communities.
I hold a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science (with a SIGCHI outstanding dissertation), an M.Des and a B.Eng in Industrial Design,  and a B.BA in Business, all from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Most often, I mentor students in information science and computer science, though my latest research interests also exposed me to mentoring students in law and policy or business.​​​​​​​
 Cornell students interested in joining us: I often seek the right students to join our ongoing research projects. New RAship positions typically become available at the beginning of each semester (spring, summer, fall). Feel free to email me around that time, include [RAship application] in the email subject line, and briefly describe your skillsets and research interests.

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