I’m lucky to work with an incredible group of graduate students at Cornell. My current Ph.D. advisees are:
Janet Chen (HCI x design x intimate data)
I am also lucky to collaborate with many fantastic graduate and undergraduate students:
Swati Mishra  (HCI x NLP) 
Mina Lee (NLP x HCI)
J.D. Zamfirescu (NLP x HCI)
Michael Zhou (ML x HCI)
Fernando A. Delgado (Law/policy/participation x AI)
Stephen Yang (participation x AI)
Mahika Phutane (HCI x AI x accessibility)
Yiran Zhao (HCI x gadgets x health)
Karey Helms (design x HCI)
Cornell students interested in joining our research projects -- I am always looking for the right students to join my ongoing research projects.  You can learn more about these projects here.

We have RAship openings for students with NLP training  (e.g., prior experience working with BERT/GPT models) and are interested in human-centered NLP research.  If interested, email me (qy242 at Cornell dot edu) your CV and related experiences directly.

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