I’m lucky to work with an incredible group of graduate students at Cornell.
Formally, my advisees are:
Angel Hwang (postdoc)
Nader Akoury (incoming postdoc)
Hauke Sandhaus (Ph.D., co-advise with Wendy Ju)
Talia Wise (Ph.D.)
Tony Wang (Ph.D.)
Yeonju Jang (Ph.D.)
J.D. Zamfirescu-Pereira (visiting scholar, Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
I am on the Ph.D. dissertation committees of:
Yiran Zhao (Cornell Tech, HCI x AI x behavioral health)
Mehrnaz Sabet (Cornell, human-AI collaboration x drones)
Khonzoda Umarova (Cornell, NLP x HCI)
Chengqi Xu (Weill Cornell Medicine, LLM for biocuration)
Jose Antonio Guridi (Cornell, HCI x policy)
Yan Tao (Cornell, NLP x HCI in education)
I have also been enjoying collaborating with many other fantastic students.
Zhuoer Lyu
Ryun Shim
Alumni from the group:
Michael A. Hedderich (postdoc, now faculty at LMU Munich)
Mina Lee (Dissertation advisee, Stanford Ph.D. graduate, now faculty at the University of Chicago)
Meir Friedenberg (Cornell CS graduate, now Machine Learning Scientist at Wayfair)
Stephen Yang (Cornell IS undergraduate, now a Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California)
Fernando A. Delgado (Cornell IS PhD graduate, now director of Advanced Analytics & Search at Lighthouse)

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