I’m lucky to work with an incredible group of graduate students at Cornell. My current advisees are:
Hauke Sandhaus (PhD, co-advise with Wendy Ju)
I-Ting Tsai (PhD, co-advise with Francois Guimbretiere)
I have also been enjoying collaborating with many other fantastic graduate and undergraduate students:
Swati Mishra  (HCI x NLP) 
Mina Lee (NLP x HCI)
J.D. Zamfirescu (NLP x HCI)
Angel Hwang (AI in human teams)
Meir Friedenberg (machine learning theory, human-AI)
Mahika Phutane (HCI x AI x accessibility)
Yiran Zhao (HCI x gadgets x health)
Janet Chen (design x intimacy)
Karey Helms (design x intimacy)
Stephen Yang (Comm'22 undergrad, now at Microsoft Research)
Fernando A. Delgado (Law/policy/participation x AI)
Michael Zhou (CS'22 undergrad, now pursuing Columbia MS in Data Science)

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