I’m lucky to work with an incredible group of graduate students at Cornell. Formally, my advisees are:
Angel Hwang (postdoc)
Chandrayee Basu (postdoc)
Nader Akoury (incoming postdoc)
Hauke Sandhaus (Ph.D., co-advise with Wendy Ju)
Talia Wise (Ph.D.)
Yeonju Jang (Ph.D.)
I am on the Ph.D. dissertation committees of:
Yiran Zhao (Cornell Tech, HCI x AI x behavioral health)
Mehrnaz Sabet (Cornell, human-AI collaboration x drones)
Khonzoda Umarova (Cornell, NLP x HCI)
Chengqi Xu (Weill Cornell Medicine, LLM for biocuration)
Jose Antonio Guridi (Cornell, HCI x policy)
Yan Tao (Cornell, NLP x HCI in education)
I have also been enjoying collaborating with many other fantastic students.
J.D. Zamfirescu-Pereira (Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
Ryun Shim (Cornell MPS student in InfoSci)
Alumni from the group:
Michael A. Hedderich (postdoc, now faculty at LMU Munich)
Mina Lee (Dissertation advisee/Stanford CS  Ph.D. graduate, now faculty at the University of Chicago)
Stephen Yang (Cornell InfoSci undergraduate, now a Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California)
Fernando A. Delgado (Cornell InfoSci Ph.D. graduate, now director of Advanced Analytics & Search at Lighthouse)
Michael Zhou (Cornell C.S. undergraduate, now a Columbia MS student in Data Science)

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